October 27, 2013

Christmas in Denmark

One of the favorite blogs I follow is Claus Dalby of Denmark.  He is featuring Christmas on his blog already in addition to his new book on White Gardens. He also showed his gardeners this week, which verifies why my white garden is not going to look like his, besides the fact that his is in a Scandinavian country. My lack of brawny help does not keep me from enjoying the sights and wonders in the Claus Dalby garden.
 Anyhow, Mr. Dalby previewed his Christmas decors and mentions that he will feature a new Nordic Christmas that includes many natural materials. One of the photos he showed was of Graptopetalum, one of my favorite succulents.
I save every little brittle leaf that breaks off. These are just a few of my
collection of rootlets. Maybe I'll find new uses for these.
Graptopetalum combines well with many
other plants, here with Schlumbergera and
a Bromeliad.
There were some other materials in  his preview that are in my reach: Spanish Moss among some glass ornaments in blue and aqua; bulbs rooting -- his in water, mine will be in soil.
Reading and planning are the best part of Christmas as far as I am concerned.


Alison said...

I just cut off a too-tall succulent (an Echeveria, I think) that was doing some ugly trunking, and stuck a bunch of the lower leaves into soil to see if I can get more of them. I hope they root.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

How beautifully silver...I was just thinking how I do not have enough..I forgot about spanish moss....it is beautiful!

Jean Campbell said...

I don't know if it works with Echeveria, Alison, but I just lay little leaves of Ghost plant and Burrow tail atop the soil and they send out roots, sometimes a cluster of new growth first, even. There's enough nutrition and moisture in the leaf to keep them going until they can send down roots.

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