October 05, 2013

Fall Bulbs for Forcing

They are not really forced, you can't force a bulb to do anything. You can trick them into believing it is time to grow and bloom by mimicking conditions that trigger bloom.

I plan to convince 25 white and 25 pink Hyacinths to bloom if
not by Christmas, soon after for a Winter Treat.

I recently found some containers bought some 10 years ago and tucked away, forgotten. 
I no longer force bulbs in water, these bulbs will go in soil in clay pots.

Wraped in kraft paper and labeled lest I forget when they went in,
when they are to come out or even what they are.

Tucked into a dedicated refrigerator to wait until December.

My Amaryllis are a disappointment. I was all ready to pot them up. At first look, they looked fine, a bit smaller than I would like, but they're from South Africa for Christmas forcing, so the size is not unexpected. What was a surprise was on further inspection I found red spots more than expected and when I peeled back the dry tunica to check underneath, there are mushy rotten spots. I emailed the vendor immediately.

It is not uncommon to see small red spots on Hippeastrum, but when a vendor states on the web site, 'top quality bulbs that are true to name and healthy, firm and viable' then that is what I expect: healthy and firm.

I used a different vendor this year, one I had used before. Last year I used a new bulb vendor and they double-charged my credit card. The mistake was corrected when I complained, but it made me change back to one I never had problems before. I have other choices for next year. There are many vendors out there. Do you have a favorite?


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I remember last spring you told me about the tulips and the daffodils...some bloomed but it needed more water than I expected...I don't feel it will get cold enough for them to rebloom...wondering if I should dig them up...don't have the resolve..I don't think but wanted to know your opinion in case I get froggy.

Jean Campbell said...

Your Daffodils may or may not come back, depending on what kind they were and how they feel about where they are planted.

Tulips remaining are probably not worth digging, as they split after they bloom and will be small if it all. Once in a great while after a cold winter, one will surprise you with a bloom.

I am going to chill and plant the tulips that I won just because they're there.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Good to know...my daffodils I think are called Darwin Hybrid but they may be the tulips

Jean Campbell said...

Darwin Hybrids are a division of Tulips.

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