October 14, 2013

October Bloom Day in the Greenhouse

It isn't cold enough for plants to be inside but I am prone to being caught by an early frost, so they are in early except for the cuttings I keep putting off. This is just a sample

I added extras to the Begonia pots: Spider plants and Foxtail Fern.

Schlumbergeras will have buds soon. I root every
little piece that is pruned or breaks.

Last Hurrah for Epiphyllums. These will bloom 
for one night, soon. Maybe I'll remember to look.
Their fragrance is the best part.

White Lantana outside the greenhouse.
Next year I hope for a glorious white garden.

Look closely in the left lower corner. My camera kept focusing on dry leaves and foliage rather than the
beautiful blue Dragonfly who posed so patiently. 

Happy Bloom Day.


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Aspirations of a white garden....first time I ever read that.....

Jean Campbell said...

Just around the greenhouse. North of the greenhouse already has shrubs that bloom white: White Loropetalum, Dogwood, Gardenia, Spirea, Mock Orange. The greenhouse has newly rooted gardenias on the north, white Lantana and white Gerbera daisies on the south with some white iris on the far end. All the white Sweet Williams died without blooming. Some of the daisies were seedlings that turned out pink.

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