October 22, 2013

Purple Heart and Persian Shield Cuttings

I saw a box planter filled with Purple Heart in the Atrium of the Care Center where my brother Paul spent his last days. Purple Heart had grown long and hung down to the ground. Reminded of it, I went out and gathered a number of cuttings and stuck in a small plastic planter box, leaving room at the back for Persian Shield because I enjoy that combo so much.

Purple Heart

Persian Shield
Persian Shield is not fool-proof to root in soil. I have some in a vase with water roots but it looks shabby and the roots are matted. I may go back and cut more pieces to root in water just in case these do not take and toss the old. Humidity is high so I expect good rooting.

Purple Planting box. That's an old bromeliad behind, sharing
space until the box is established and has a permanent spot.
It isn't easy for me to discard anything with signs of life. I have this urge to cut things back and give them one more chance, to save bits and pieces to see if they grow. The exception is diseased plants and those that are insect-ridden that cannot be salvaged with a spritz of soapy water. A nursery for baby plants is not a hospital. Insects and disease tend to spread to healthy plants. I don't mind waiting for something small to grow. I anticipate the results with great joy.

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