October 07, 2013

Putting More Plants into a Small Space

After I moved these pots into the Greenhouse, I saw two Pins with plants in a
container that gave me the idea to put the spider plants that were all around 
and two Foxtail ferns into the begonia pots. The ideas came from Boxwoods
Garden, Atlanta. 

Begonias have shallow roots so the deeper pots had styrofoam pieces in the bottom to fill up space. I pulled out most of the styrofoam to make room for the Foxtail Ferns' fleshy roots. Begonias lifted out easily and tucked back in. All the Spider Babies needed was clipping off and tucking into the soil, except for the one in the above pic. I cut away the plastic pot where the roots had grown through the drain holes and filled the cache pot under it. 

Bromeliad pups are almost as large as the mother plants which are fading.
I think I'll leave the pups in place until spring. 


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I didn't know that about begonias...curious...why put in the styrofoam?

Jean Campbell said...

Wax begonias have shallow roots. They don't need soil that goes all the way to the bottom of a tall pot, only about 4 or 5 inches is sufficient so I put filler in the bottom. A plastic pot turned upside down will work, too.

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