October 21, 2013

Seeds Planted and Christmas Cactuses Repotted

Do you Pin photos on Pinterest and then follow through? I saw photos of pots and beds last week with Parsley and Alyssum included that gave me some practical ideas. Today I planted 18 cells with Alyssum seeds and a half dozen cells with Parsley. Parsley has to go 'to the devil and back' before it sprouts, nearly a month. Maybe emerging Alyssum will give me hope before Thanksgiving.

What have you done that came from a Pinterest idea?

While I was busy with potting soil, I went ahead with bumping some plants up to larger pots.

Christmas Cactuses except some large pots were on a single shelf.

The long flats with 6-cell trays held rooted cuttings with roots growing out the bottom. I had just enough potting soil to pot up a Gerbera Daisy seedling and 8 square pots holding 3 Schlumbergera cuttings each of pink, peach, yellow and white.

 I remembered to label them all, even the Gerbera at lower left which started out as a seed in a yoghurt container. There are some small pots of Christmas Cactuses with no label that will be mysteries until bloom.

Eight pots in a flat are too crowded. I'll separate them.

The 8 square pots are at upper left. They need more space around 
each pot for air circulation. At right is a tray of 6 red rooted cuttings 
yet to repot and some small pots of single cuttings. Larger plants 
are in cache pots on the bottom shelf.

Other GH activity:

 We will soon see Epiphyllum blooms, always a treat.

Update on the cycad seedling growth. 

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