October 11, 2013

You Never Know What Will Come in Mailorder

This is the kind of post I am reluctant to make but I need to document this.

I ordered 3 Amaryllis bulbs from a well-known vendor. When I opened them the next day, they had lesions that disturbed me. Were these red blotch or just damage suffered in digging and processing? I sent an email to the vendor with photos like the ones above. The thing that worried me the most was the mushy spots like the one at bottom left.
The reply was that the company's horticulturist said this was just normal spots suffered in washing the bulbs, not to worry, plant the bulbs.
What! I peeled away the worst of the soft spots and planted them. I broke off the budding side bulb what looked so red and angry in the top picture upper left. The mother bulb was white and firm underneath. It isn't as if I'd ordered dozens and dozens. Perhaps they will be fine and produce wonderful blossoms by Christmas the way they are supposed to.


Sprouting leaves look promising. I isolated them from my other Amaryllis, just in case. None of my other bulbs from other sources looked like this. I did not expecct this from a vendor that promises firm, healthy bulbs. I'm just glad I thought to order a minimum number and check out their Hippeastrums before placing a large order.

The vendor I used last year sent firm bulbs without red spots. I already made a note to use that one again.


Alison said...

The sprouting leaves do look promising. But it's disheartening to get bulbs with soft spots when you've been promised they won't. I'm curious why you don't say what vendor it is.

Jean Campbell said...

In the event that they are right and I am wrong about whether these bulbs will produce lovely blooms, I am not going to name the vendor. If the bulbs don't produce a suitable bloom, I will send another copy of my first email and ask for the wrong to be made right.

I don't want to name the vendor until all of the above is finished.

If they say it was my fault if the bulbs don't produce, THEN I will tell the whole story. Again. And mention names.

Nobody is coming back here to see if I over-reacted, so I am not going to name the vendor now. If you want to know if I would order from a particular vendor that you are considering, just ask.

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