November 07, 2013

Amaryllis and Alternanthera

A chill wind blows this morning but it isn't cold enough for a coat. Imagine this: in Canada,
Tootsie who hosts Friday's Fertilizer Flower Flaunt already has a foot of snow!

Alternanthera grew behind the bench and electrical panel all the way to the ceiling, a good thing when we needed shade on hot days. Now that cool weather approaches we need sunlight. I cut back the dark Alternanthera, already in bloom. We went from this:

to this:

I plan to add more grapevine to the swag over the top that hides the gutter that protects the electrical  from drips when it rains. Maybe I can put some Christmas lights on the grapevine.

Today's big excitement is an amaryllis bud about to open on one of the bulbs I despaired of seeing bloom when I thought they were diseased. Those red spots persisted but it's green underneath.

These are all pink.

I realized when I went to check on the Amaryllis bulbs from previous years that are drying off in the toolshed that I have forgotten when I was to bring them out and start watering again. My notes are kind of sketchy, but I believe that Nymph, the pretty pale double one, takes longer to bring into bloom, so I will start watering it maybe next week. Two of the bulbs still have some green leaves. They should be ready by Thanksgiving to get some new soil on top the pot and start watering again. 

Another look at the pink bud that is about to open. 

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Your amaryllis will be just beautiful!

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