November 16, 2013

Another Peek into the Greenhouse

White Schlumbergera may bloom for Thanksgiving

Rhipsalis, Mistletoe Cactus

Parsley seedlings

What I believe to be an Agapanthus seedling.

The vendor thinks this may be Candy Floss Amaryllis, 
shown here with Schlunbergera in bud. 
I ordered a pale pink.

Mostly Bromeliads on this side of the house. The pots with bulbs hold last season's Amar;yllis. They've rested and should bloom again now that they have fresh soil added to their pots. I carefully wrote their names on the pots with a 'permanent' marker. It faded when they summered in the yard.
 I think we have Nymph, Benfica, Appleblossom and a mystery bulb.  

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