November 21, 2013

Blooming in the November Greenhouse

Schlumbergera lives up to its common name of Thanksgiving
Cactus this year, with early blooms. Other colors are just 
coming into bud, so they will be 'Christmas Cactuses.'

I am not happy that my pale pink Amaryllis bulbs turned out mislabeled.
I gave away one yesterday and the other two may leave soon. Bulbs from 
previous years are waiting to bloom. Maybe, I see one green tip so far.

I see more Agapanthus seedlings starting. Alyssum sends up a few more plants every few day. The tray of Parsley is full of tiny seedlings. 

I can't remember if I wrote about scattering Poppy seed and Larkspur a few days ago. Several places I just pulled up frost-touched annuals and scattered seed behind them. California poppies and some orange Corn Poppies are nearest the road. Pink Poppies are near the house. Pink Silene seeds went in the Fiesta beds north of the Upper Garden. Seed Scattered gardens are always full of self-seeded surprises. I just add more seeds to help fill in.


I wrote a whole post in Seed Scatterer blog about the new fad of starting celery from the bottom of a stalk of celery from the grocery store. I see Pins of starts everywhere, but I have yet to see a photo of enough celery to eat that grew from an end. On the left is my beginning celery experiment. On the right is a clump of onions from a piece of root end of a sweet onion.

January 2014 update: The celery grew to about 4 inches tall and then rotted. I think I kept it too wet after I read how much water growing celery required. The onion never really got going before it drowned too. 

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Bernie H said...

Your Schlums are gorgeous. I particularly love the white one. It's a shame your Amarylis bulbs turned out to be mislabelled. That's so annoying, isn't it? Best of luck with your experiment of starting from pieces of root end.

Tootsie said...

I stuffed all 4 of mine into the same pot a few years back. makes a wonderful display when it blooms...I find mine blooms every 3-4 not sure what it's issues are! lol
Thanks for linking in with your flaunt today
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

kate maryon said...

Thats a neat experiment growing celery like that. I live in Holland Michigan and there are fields of celery grown here. Its a really neat thing to watch. please let us know what you get for an end result.

vickie morgan said...

So glad you posted about the celery...and the onions. I was going to try the onions next ...I will just have to calm down and wait for Spring and my garden. Spring will come they say it always does. Just hard to believe right now as we got 6 more inches of snow over night! Thanks for the information.

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