November 01, 2013

November Is Time for a Change

We are on the verge of a change in the weather. More than an inch of rain fell today. I could hardly wait to go look at my cabbages and Kale. When John the Veggie Man told me what bad luck he'd had with the super-powered fertilizer he shared with me, I was afraid the wilty look Kale had was because of the fertilizer despite my efforts to side-dress with just a spoonful, not too much. It was dry wind I now believe. I didn't make pics, but they look great after the rain.

Most everything that I can stuff inside is in. I can hardly bear to leave anything out. I broke the tops from angel wing begonias growing in the ground and stuck 5 in a pot. They are already firm in the soil when given a tug.

A bag of potting soil for seeds and things as I need it. Everything tucked in. 

I keep looking at glorious pots of this sedum hanging long and graceful. Mine just kind of splays and every bit that breaks gets tucked in a bit of soil to root.

The Amaryllis I was concerned about soft spots and redness? They all put up a bud or two. 
Notice the peeper frog on the lamp. Every cache pot has 6 or 8 inside. We should be bug-free.

These were just quick pics when I went to check on something after dark. Daylight shots are better. 

I located seeds for fall sowing today. I have more corn poppies than I thought, maybe enough Larkspur, plenty of breadseed poppies and enough for a good smattering of California poppies. There is Silene for the Fiesta bed. I have to remember I am not putting that pink out front. Some of the poppies have to wait until Tulips go in, late December.

When I was pulling grass around some daylilies I dug down to check on daffodils. Do you do that? Dig in beds where nothing shows to see what's underground? Anyway, there was a rotten bulb where I dug and one triple-nose fat daffodil bulb starting to put out new roots. We'll see what comes up in the spring.

I sliced straight down with a spade beside small Camellia bushes under the big tree forms today, getting them ready to transplant later. Under one bush there was another bunch of those big ugly roots of Catbrier. I thought I got them all last time, but not so. One reason for limbing up Camellias into trees was so I could get under there and dig out those nasty vines. They look like huge sweet potatoes.

Just as the rain started I finished raking pine straw off the driveway to put around Camellias. Bushels of Pecan leaves are falling and Oak leaves continue as usual. I have some nice pictures of fall color to put on Seedscatterer blog.


Alison said...

My burro's tail sedum splays just like yours. I really hope some day it will hang long like I've seen in pictures too. The little stubby leaves fall off if you so much as breathe on it. It sounds like your greenhouse is really stuffed.

Margaret Thele said...

Jean - you are whirling dervish! What you get done in a day takes me a week. Glad the amaryllis are doing well.

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