December 22, 2013

Christmas Cactus Is Still a Show

Most of the reds are about done. I was going to bring a pink cactus into the house. When I took it out of the cache pot to water it, tiny green frogs started jumping out of the cache pot.

Those little green frogs are an important component of my greenhouse crew. They along with the various lizards eat insects so chemicals are not part of my process. It is startling to open the greenhouse door and have a green frog leap onto one's head or arm, but they're harmless. I should write a blog post on the realities of a greenhouse. I keep seeing so many romantic greenhouses and potting sheds on Pinterest. Nobody ever mentions the work and the creatures.


Alison said...

Pleeeeeaasseeee, write that post about the real work and the creatures involved in keeping a greenhouse. I need that post. I chuckled at the image of the frogs jumping out of the cachepot.

outlawgardener said...

I agree with Alison! I lust after a greenhouse to winter over more tender plants but have no idea about the work part. Would love to have little frogs!

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