December 15, 2013

Christmas Cactuses in Orange and Yellow

The post just before was all about Pink Schlumbergera and White. This post features the Orange and Yellow.

Trudy's Red sneaked into this picture.

Orange isn't a traditional Christmas color but this sure is pretty.

None of my Christmas Cactuses have names -- I call the reds Trudy's Red, and Scarlet to distinguish the two. One I bought and one is from Miss Trudy's generous cutting last year. Pink, White, Orange and Yellow were also Trudy's cuttings.

There are at least 3 plants of every color, you can tell by the different colors of pots. I like to put a plastic pot inside a cache pot. I haven't found cache pots that fit the square plastic pots yet. The square plastic pots hold 3 cuttings each to make a fuller plant.

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Margaret Thele said...

I love your flowers, so prolific and you have something blooming every day of the year

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