December 08, 2013

Hyacinths for Christmas

Last year I forced Blue Jacket and Gypsy Queen Hyacinths. This year the choices are White Pearl and Pink Pearl. I've never grown White Pearl.

I saw a blog in which hyacinth pots contained a succulent. 
I just happened to have a tray of Graptopetalums rooted.
I gave each Pink Pearl bulb a companion Ghost Plant. 

Leaves always get broken off Ghost Plants when they're handled. 
I tucked every little leaf into a pot. Pots need some sheet moss to cover the 
soil. I will wait until there's more growth. 

In just a day, a third of the bulbs are showing a green tip.
Most had white roots beginning to sprout in the bag before
I took them out of the refrigerator.

These are 4" pots, room for a single bulb and a companion 
Rosette or two of Graptopetalum.

There were only 21 pots so the last four are potted in a
larger pot. I saw some fine moss growing in front of the
tractor shed that I'll tuck in that pot later.

These were labeled to complete 10 weeks of chill on December 14. I took them out a week early.
There are still 25 White Pearl to be potted. I'll pot them in groups in larger pots since I used up
all the 4: pots. I need to start collecting pots earlier next year.

Wednesday I should receive 3 more Amaryllis bulbs. I've given up Paperwhites. 

Are you forcing any bulbs this winter? They're not only for Christmas. A fragrant bloom mid-January or early February is a spirit raiser. I no longer force in water. I favor soil planting.


outlawgardener said...

Wow, you've got a lot of Hyacinths waiting in the wings to perfume the air in your home this winter. I haven't done a lot of bulb forcing but have decided to try some paper whites in tall cylindrical clear glass vases. The idea is that the vases will keep the plants from sprawling all over the place while still allowing one to see, smell and enjoy the flowers. I left the bulbs in my car during our recent cold weather (low 20's) so maybe they'll go directly to the compost bin if I've killed them.

Alison said...

You are the queen of forced bulbs. I like the combo of Hyacinth and Graptopetalum. They'll look good when each is bigger, when the bulbs start blooming. I hope you show them again then.

Jean Campbell said...

I'll be watching the narcissus-in-the-tall-vases experiment. You might still want to give them a little nip of cheap vodka.

I will be showing hyacinths until you are tired of them, Alison. I've now potted White Pearl in pots of 4 and 5.

Christmas Cactuses in all colors will bloom before Christmas. Strangely warm weather we're having, as opposed to the rest of the country.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

They look fabulous whatever they are. I have grape hyacinths so I suspect these will be similar???

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