December 05, 2013

Pots and More Pots

He-Who-Mows had an appointment in Alabama City this morning. When that was over we went to various places including Home Depot who had the 4" clay pots in sufficient number for my Single Hyacinths project.

These are last year's Hyacinths. This year I have Pink Pearl and White Pearl. In another week thry will be ready to pot up after a nice chill.

I needed a few extra of larger sizes and found a display with some great unglaszed square pots imported from Viet Nam. The glazed pots from Viet Nam that I bought years ago at the dollar store held up well. These all rang with a great tenor. I'll show you them later after I get them unwrapped and lined up for planting.

The only thing better than a single bulb in a clay pot is a big pot full.

One of these is Pink Pearl. I think the one above might be China Pink.

 Peink Pearl is one of the best forcers. 
This was a single bulb, forced and then planted in the garden.
Eventually after a few seasons, the bulb split into three.

Appleblossom Hippeastrum bulbs are on their way to me

Amaryllis need clay pots, too.

 For years I was under the spell of 'forcing' bulbs in water and stones. 
No more. Every bulb goes in a pot soil now. 
Mama always forced paperwhite Narcissus. My favorites are Hyacinths and Amaryllis.

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