January 04, 2014

Blooms and Potential in the Greenhouse

Another peek into my greenhouse. Begonias are dependable for winter bloom, both B. semperflorens and the 'Angel Wing' cane kinds.

Above on the right is a seedling Cycad.just just visible behind the mug of Alternanthera cuttings in bloom.

At left is the only Agapanthus seedling to survive my care.

At right are white begonias with Spider Plants and Foxtail Fern. Purple Alternanthera is growing in the greenhouse floor.

Alyssum seedlings and ferns. The sword fern has yellow leaves from excessive light but the pot is full of little green crosiers, a haircut is in its future. The Bird's Nest Fern behind is faring okay. It got too big for its space in the house and moved out to the greenhouse where it acts happier.

Hyacinths. the purple bulbs bloom pink, the pale bulbs bloom white.
Alternanthera in a mug on the left and a pot of Burro Tail sedum, right.

Hyacinth companions this year are Sedum acre with white and Graptopetalum with pink.
I'm already planning next year's bulbs.

Pineapple Sage Salvia elegans cuttings rooted in a jar.
Behind it is a vase of Persian Shield Strobilanthes cuttings. 

Persian Shield and Purple Heart Setcreasea cuttings rooted in soil in a long container.
Rooting in soil is preferable for most things, I just tend to snip a few cuttings for a vase now and then.
If they root, they get to stay and find a pot later.

Mistletoe Cactus Rhipsalis on the top shelf, Seedling Parsley on the bottom.

Kalanchoes have buds and some are starting to open. All are white.
Last year I started to buy a red. Every little tip will root when pinched.
 Christmas lights are still up in front of the rooster.
Big pots of Epiphyllum oxypetalum are putting on new growth.

 Schlumbergeras almost done with hlooming, right on schedule. 
Reds bloomed for Thanksgiving and light colors bloomed for Christmas.

Year before last I bought this Staghorn fern Platycerium species in winter in a 2" pot. 
The big box stores sometimes have some tropical treasures in January and February. 
I'd like more Bromeliads, as if I need them. Orchids in the sunporch have bloom spikes.

It's cold here, but not like in the northern states or even in Atlanta. We expect a hard freeze on Monday and Tuesday after it rains again. It won't get cold enough for the rain to turn to snow or sleet, for which I am grateful to be that far south. When I opened the greenhouse door this morning after the sun warmed it, Ike the cat came through the narrow opening like a flash, seeking warmth.


Alison said...

Some day I hope to have as much potential and warmth awaiting me out in my greenhouse on a cold winter day.

outlawgardener said...

How exciting to have so much gardening and growth going on in your greenhouse!

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