January 14, 2014

Broken Pot Planter Revised

Broken pot planter when pot laid on its side.

Later when the succulents bloomed, outside.

Today I noticed that most people make their broken pot garden with the pot sitting upright. I took out the little pot of black pebbles that was just holding a place and the smaller broken pot that was holding the front in of the soil in place and turned it right side up.

In the greenhouse, I took the bulb that never made roots out of a 6" pot of white hyacinths and tucked that pot into the bottom of the broken pot. Near the top I removed a pink hyacinth that was pushing itself out of its pot and tucked it into the space there, filling in with soil. Some Graptopetalum that was in the pot with the pink hyacinth filled in other spaces and I broke a big Graptopetalum rosette off somewhere else to place beside the hyacinth. Any empty spaces got soil or pebbles to fill in, and pieces of succulents.

After the next freeze is over, the pot goes back outside where it was before.

When the hyacinths finish blooming, maybe I'll put in a Burro tail Sedum at the top and buy some interesting succulent for the bottom 6" pot.
What interesting succulent would you suggest?

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Alison said...

Love the revised pot! How about Sedum 'Angelina' for the bottom?

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