January 12, 2014

Notes on a Warm Day

The temperature outside today was 70º and sunny. Inside the greenhouse was perfect with the door open. Ladybugs lined the ceiling. I saw a fencepost lizard yesterday and the cachepots are full of peeper frogs.

The palm I repotted looks pretty good today. After I made a spot for 
it on the NW corner, the rest of that shelf needs reordering.

Hyacinth foliage is showing above its companion sedum.
The sedum took off ahead of white hyacinths.

White hyacinths and sedum acre. Pink hyacinths and Graptopetalum.

Some hyacinths are showing nice buds.

Angel Wing Begonia in bloom.
I rooted a pot full of new cuttings in the fall.
Begonias growing outside are dead.

Birds Nest Fern, Setcreasea and Persian Shield.

Note the second bud emerging.

The next freeze is expected Wednesday night with 28º as the low. 


Bernie H said...

You do have some lovely treasures in your greenhouse. So many lovely Hyacinths ready to burst into bloom.

Looking at your Begonia cuttings reminds me that I really need to pull down the hanging containers of Dragonwing Begonia. They all need re-potting and definitely need new potting mix and slow-release fertiliser. It's a job I've been putting off for ages now.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

You fill me with guilt looking at your greenhouse. My husband and I have been discussing more permanent material. It is nice to see flowers when none can be found outside. This bloom day I think it is the only place that I can find any..with the exception of the camellias...and maybe the encores. Your greenhouse looks so groomed and well-cared for.

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