January 23, 2014

Peek into the Greenhouse at Mostly White Flowers

White flowers in the greenhouse, as close to thoughts of snow as I care to go. When I ordered Hyacinths, this year's choices are white and pink. I gave away most of the pink in single pots, a few are left. 

White hyacinths in the broken pot container with Graptopetalum.

To the right as you come in the door, Single pots of Hyacinths
have mostly cleared, White Pearl Hyacinths in pots of 4
remain. There's no particular reason that Burro's Tail Sedums
hand out with them except maybe for the light.

White Kalanchoes are blooming at left. I am not happy about 
their tall lanky look. Young cuttings in a pot look much better so 
plans for the summer are shorter cuttings later in the season.

Five White Pearl in a bonsai container with 
Sedum acre. One has a double bloom forming.

View from a stool where I stand to water plants on high shelves.

To the left as you come in the door are mostly bromeliads and other exotics.

Top shelf includes Alternanthera cuttings in both water and
soil, a couple of Begonias and the nearest of the Epiphyllums.

Pink Pearl at top of Broken Container Garden. 

Pots of White Pearl. 

Next year's plan is for Hyacinths in Purple shades. Claus Dalby featured Woodstock Hyacinths in his blog today. I hope I remember when it is time to order bulbs in late summer.

It's wonderful to have a greenhouse. I used to grow Hyacinths in the barely heated laundry room, kept the Epiphyllums there with rooted cuttings through the winter. I trundled early spring seeds in and out of the tool shed on an old kitchen trolley that I still use in the greenhouse. I'm growing orchids in an east window indoors -- one has buds . An Amaryllis hanging out with the orchids has two fat buds.

Tip for Greenhouse growers: I mentioned before that I use two small inexpensive electric heaters in a 10 x 12' greenhouse set on Low. I got the bright idea that setting five one-gallon milk jugs filled with water about 30 inches in front of the heaters might help mediate the heat process. I keep 10 gallons of water in there for hand watering and rarely use a hose. I can't say if it is my imagination or it really works, but I think the temperatures are staying up better since I started the water jugs idea.

Tonight is predicted 23ºF for the second time this year. 

Flaunting my Flowers at Tootsie Time.


Margaret Thele said...

Having a challenge keeping the heat up in my greenhouse as nighttime temps are as low as -10F. I usually can keep the ghse about 30 degrees above air temp - but really at these lows! Luckily have only lost a few things when - OPERATOR ERROR - mistakenly turned the heat to fan only one cold night - ghse got to 20F, not sure for how long - lost house plants and some of the wetter cyclamens - but as I tend to grow dry - most of the herbs and the citrus has survived!

Linda Perry said...

I'm going to be getting a small, starter greenhouse soon. Thanks for the water jug tip. I'm stopping by from Tootsies. Have a great weekend!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So nice to see happy blooms!

Kalantikan said...

Oh your hyacinths are growing again, and i can see double growths in the whites and very big. Please post again when they are almost done, so beautiful. Of course you know they don't grow here!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness...
I am new here and my mouth is hanging open.
What an amazing greenhouse.

I look forward to reading and learning more.

Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

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