February 22, 2014

Amaryllis Anticipation

I failed to label my bulbs. I know their names but not who is in which pot.

I am pretty sure this is Benefica. This is its second year.

One with the secondary bulb might be Appleblossom in its third year. So might be everybody around it be Appleblossom, I have 3 new bulbs of this favorite.

The very tall one could be Appleblossom, too.

Last's years blooms I labeled with Magic Marker on the pot. They faded in the sunshine in summer. New bulbs I thought I would know which were their pots. Shuffled them around a couple of times waiting for buds to appear and now I don't know.

There is one pot with huge leaves and no bud. I think it may be Nymph and I think that is its usual behavior, leaves first. There are several pots of seedling Amaryllis that I despair of ever bringing to bloom. 

My propensity for planting seeds sometimes causes me a kind of burden with all these little pots of things. There is a single Agapanthus seedling and a single Cycad. Today I scooped what I think is a volunteer Pentas plant out of the greenhouse floor where it was crowded under a pot of pebbles in the dry floor.

I resolve to label pots better in the future. I had that intention before. It seldom lasts. My garden is full of surprises. 

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