February 14, 2014

Best of February's Bloom Day

Blessed to have flowers for Valentine's of my own growing, and blooms for Bloom Day.

White Shrimp Plant -- really these are 
bracts, the tiny pink blooms come later.

Begonia semperflorens and some Alternanthera.
The Chartreuse Slternanthers has tiny blooms.

Begonias are about the easiest to grow and bloom.

White Kalanchoes got leggy. There's an Amaryllis
in bud. I will know its name when it blooms.

A wider peek at the greenhouse interior.

Purple Heart with Persian Shield behind it in the planter.
Amaryllis bud at upper left is Appleblossom. 
Bottom left is Birds Nest Fern

Persian Shield and its bloom. 
The blooms are on cuttings rooted in water.

Bromeliads above with Alyssum seedlings below.

Purple Alternanthera growing in the 
greenhouse floor is blooming behind a fern.

Last of White Pearl Hyacinths in a nest of Sedum.

Angel Wing Begonia


Bernie H said...

You know how much I just adore your white Shrimp Plant. I drool every time I see the photos of it. Such a lovely thing.

Your greenhouse is packed with colour and great foliage. Those Pearl Hyacinths look fabulous, and my eye was drawn to the white Kalanchoes as well.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Your greenhouse looks so alive

gld said...

I love visiting your greenhouse. I think I will just enjoy yours and do without! This very cold winter got my attention.

outlawgardener said...

Your greenhouse looks wonderful! It's great that you have so much blooming this time of year!

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