February 17, 2014

Cycad Seedling and Sad Specimens

Please look at the Cycad Seedling first and then you can leave before you look at the frostbitten Sagos if you don't like ugly.

Can you see the tiny beginning of more fronds between the 
two green stems? The round part is the seed it came from.

I wrote about this last year when my big Cycad had a nest full of seeds.
I didn't think it would work, but one actually sprouted and is growing.

You can read about the seed starting process HERE.

Another view with one of my new pots with 
Purple Heart cuttings.

This is my first Cycad. It's about 15 years old, came as a pup from Nurse Gwen's mother-in-law. On the right is the beginning of this year's fronds, a tiny lump in the center. The fronds around it are cold damaged. I read to leave the damaged fronds until they die completely.

I won't have to leave fronds on the smaller Cycads that I grew from pups from my late neighbor, Mrs. Cotele. Cold turned them mostly tan and dead.

This little Cycad has 11 fronds and a few have green stems but the rest is dead. It looks as if it may have a bunch emerge in the spring. I am hopeful that everybody puts out new growth and we have a glorious Spring. Did I read that it's hardly more than a month away, Spring?

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Alison said...

Kudos on that Cycad seedling. It's so cute! Don't count the others out till much later in the spring. They may still come back. I read a description online while researching Cycads, that said the center of a Cycad was like a fuzzy onion. I didn't realize when I bought mine recently, but it is fuzzy in the center.

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