February 23, 2014

End of the Grapevine Ball

Steve Asbell calls them 'Rainforest Drops' and makes them using cuttings tucked into purchased grapevine balls full of soil and moss.

I made my own grapevine ball and tucked rooted cuttings with a ball of root-filled soil into moss in the grapevine ball. I set it on a pot rather than suspending it.

I added Graptopetalum and a Bromeliad. It grew and bloomed.

At the end of it's second Christmas, The grapevine was brittle
and the Bromeliad just did not look happy.

I dis-assembled the whole thing, 
cutting the grapevine so as not to destroy the plants.

I ended up with a pot full of Schlumbergera cuttings and another pot full of Graptopetalum. I like my Christmas Cactuses in pots alone or in a group of like cuttings. Graptopetalum is good for a number of succulent projects.

The Neoregelia in the orange pot is the one from the grapevine ball. It looks happier already, potted up. It is smaller than the ones behind it, younger pups not showing much color yet because they're just been removed from the mother plant. 


Anonymous said...

All those Schlumbergera grew in that grapevine with the cactus????

outlawgardener said...

It's fun to change things around every now and then!

Jean Campbell said...

The grapevine ball held 6 Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera), several Ghost Plant and only 1 Neoregelia Bromeliad in the top.

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