February 19, 2014

Is Terra Cotta Really Dead?

A famous young fellow in Switzerland who sets style has pronounced Terra Cotta in the garden as Dead.

Broken maybe, but DEAD?

Recycled terra cotta pot garden.

Unbelieving, I began to look. Danger Garden has a photo on today's post showing dove color pots at a nearby nursery, up front and prominent. Dove is one of the colors that the expert says will replace terra cotta.

I fled to Claus Dalby's site:

Photo from Claus Dalby.
See it at www.clausdalby.dk.

Claus sells fine Italian pots. Remember fine terra cotta pots from Italy?. Claus says "A saying that it is expensive to be poor. It pays to buy quality." -- I auto-translate his blog before I read it. Mr. Dalby features much grey color in his gardens and shop. I thought it was because he's Danish.

My birthday present last year included these terra cotta 
pots from Viet Nam. I read recently about Vietnamese 
potters and their ancient methods for quality ceramics.

Now I'm wondering if the price of Oil-Dri (mined not far from here) and Kitty Litter will go up as white clay is diverted to the flower pot industry?

I consulted Pinterest, surely where the style setters gather. Hard to tell, the DIY folks may be painting their pots gray. There are still hundreds of users who pin photos of stacks of crusty vintage pots in a potting shed.  

How do you feel about replacing years and years of terra cotta pots fired locally or imported from Italy with something new and trendy? I'm still crazy for red clay and pots fired with bright glazes. Maybe there's room for all.


Alison said...

I love terra cotta, I don't think I'll ever replace my pots just because someone says they're not trendy. I love the muted color of your Vietnamese pots.

Jean Campbell said...

My last year's trend was aqua colored pots which I thought looked swell with terra cotta. Then I bought some good sized dark color cache pots for other uses. My trends don't coincide with the international set.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Took me a second to understand what you meant by dead...I think they are pretty...I suspect it depends on your style. But dead as in out of style...not sure.?

Jean Campbell said...

The style-setters want to pronounce terra cotta DEAD as in out of style so they can sell more pots in another color.

Those of us who have to use what we have and can afford more of will go right on with our same old clay pots, including the broken ones which is another trend.

Pinterest is full of 'fairy garden pots' using broken pots and pieces. They're great for succulent gardens.

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