February 06, 2014

Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua

I must show off Spartacus again in full bloom with
an unopened bud showing for a later treat.

Ye stand her now like giants, as ye are! The strength of brass is in your toughened sinews, but to-morrow some Roman Adonis, breathing sweet perfume from his curly locks, shall with his lily fingers pat your red brawn, and bet his sesterces upon your blood.
Read more at http://www.monologuearchive.com/k/kellogg_001.html#kvJEvj3pXuyWywj6.99 -- this a monologue frequently used by elocution students.

Joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday. Guess what? Amaryllis bulbs need no fertilizer when they are first planted in a container until after they bloom. The bloom is totally contained in the bulb. They just need water until time for the leaves to start growing and form buds for the next cycle. 

Again a thank  you to Longfield Gardens for sending this bulb that I won in one of their drawings for a free bulb back in December. 

Amaryllis are perfect gifts for Christmas, both in bloom and as a bulb to pot up and watch through the whole bud/bloom process, a thrill for a gardener. 

Great in bloom for Valentines, too. I think Amaryllis are wonderful for everyday joy. In climates like mine, they can be grown in the outdoor garden. Brent and Becky call Amaryllis 'Tulips for South.' 

Speaking of tulips, the tulips I chilled for weeks and planted at the end of December are putting up foliage. I think they like the cold we had in January and last week. Buds are already showing on the accompanying Muscari. I always wanted a river of Muscari. I will definitely have puddles, I think.

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I love the puddles comment...beautiful pics Jean

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