March 04, 2014

A \Look Back at Puppyhood

Now that Buffie is a middle-aged dog and the worse thing she did to this year's Tulips was step on a couple, I am reviewing another of her escapades from 2009. 


When I found Teddy face down in the water bowl, I thought Buffie might have tried to drown him.

0307_100307_11I finally realized Buffie just tried to give Teddy a drink because it was 80 degrees and she knew he was as thirsty as she was after they had a rousing game of football .





We've come a long way from the year when Buffie ate my potted tulip buds.


Alison said...

Buffy was an adorable puppy. Is she as good a dog as your previous? He was such a sweetie, so patient whenever you dressed him up in things like Groucho glasses.

Jean Campbell said...

There will never be a dog as marvelous as Curley was, but Buffy is a sweetheart in her own right. The best command she follows is, "Kiss the Cat." She also responds to "Go pee," when we are going for a ride.

Ally said...

Puppies are so sweet and adorable. Yours was such a cutie! Right now I have two 15 week old puppies. So far they haven't eaten any tulips, but they sure get into their share of trouble. We're having some minor digging problems and lots of tromping through everything and anything. Puppy exubberance does not recognize garden paths :) Fortunately, it's still winter and there's not too much to trample.

outlawgardener said...

We are so fortunate to have these furry friends in our lives! Buffy is adorable. Thanks for sharing her puppy pictures; they always make me giggle.

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