March 07, 2014

Amaryllis Benfica and Appleblossom

My favorites are always the ones in bloom. There are 4 more in bud: 3 new Appleblossom and one from a previous year that isn't labeled.

Benfica has another bud developing. Companions are Donkey Tail
Sedum and pots of white Kalanchoe.

   These are bulbs that I brought back to bloom again, third year for Appleblossom. 

Benfica was new last year, an excellent choice.

Nymph Amaryllis from last year has great foliage, no bloom has appear. 
I gave away Elvas and have not heard about its fate.

Appleblossom  showing buds yet to open on a single stem.

For those of you who like the down the throat view.
Appleblossom has a wonderful sweet fragrance.

Benfica is the truest red I've seen in Amaryllis.

I stood on a stool to give you this view.

Up close with Benfica.

Perfectly Red.

My plans for next fall's order changes daily. Will I order more and different Amaryllis? Should I get Hyacinths for forcing, how many and what color? Maybe all my bulb money needs to go towards Daffodils. I've never tried forcing minature Daffodils. What about minor bulbs like Muscari and Bluebells?  So many choices and a whole summer to plan....

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I love them all! Mine are planted outside and will bloom later.

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