March 17, 2014

Amaryllis Minerva, Maybe

As best I remember this is Minerva. It looks like photos I saw online. I can't remember how many years back I first planted it.

Minerva with Appleblossom

I've had Appleblossom in all stages of bloom and the last 
one is a bud, out of sight at right. Benfica is trying to get in
the picture, too, its second round of bloom.

Minerva, at least I think so.

Up close. This Amaryllis is not as red as most photos show.

I wish you could smell the incredibly sweet fragrance of Appleblossom.

This last look shows the Appleblossom bud, and Benfica
about to open at right.

We had 4 inches of rain this past weekend. It is damp and cool in the greenhouse, ideal for blooming bulbs. 

Spartacus put up another bud and is about to open. The only potted Amaryllis that has not bloomed is Nymph. It has huge leaves, no sign of a bud. Maybe in the summer; they seem to have their own timetable despite the best forcing methods.

I need to mention that a greenhouse is not required for growing Amaryllis. They grow equally well in the house. When the weather warms, the plants go outside in front of shrubbery until time to put it somewhere warm and dry, withhold water and let the leaves dry off. It can rest anywhere.  Bring it out to the light when the rest period is over and water once, then start regular watering when you see growth that is usually a bud. Near a sunny window is as good as a glass house. Newly purchased bulbs in fall get a drink after they're potted and then wait for green. 

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outlawgardener said...

Your amarylli (amaryllises, amaryllae?) are gorgous. I haven't had them in a long time but the last one made it through several bloom cycles before it got left outside one winter. You've convinced me to pick up a bulb or two when they appear at the stores next November!

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