March 15, 2014

Bloom Day, Inside and Out

Orchids from last year have come back into bloom, well, one is blooming.
The other has a bloom stalk with tiny buds if you look closely.

These, another orchid in a glass cyclinder, a Spathiphyllum and a Pothos are
my only house plants. The Peace Lily signals to water Orchids when it wilts.

Outside the greenhouse, I am trying to make a White Garden.
Candytuft is as white as it gets. I've had Iberis for 40 years, 
started as cuttings from a late friend's Garden.
I planted out white Hyacinths forced in pots of soil this year.

Miss Winnie gave me white Iris last year. We don't know where the
Purple came from, probably a seedling among the white.

Inside the greenhouse, this box of Purple Heart and Persian Shield are
cuttings that I intended to plant out. I think I'll keep them in a container.

Strobilanthese blooms in the greenhouse. Once in a while I get blooms
during the summer. They are a novelty.

Mistletoe Cactus Rhipsalis put on buds.

Rhipsalis bloom and buds.

Easter Cactus in bud. At left is a bloom of Firecracker Fern.

Rhipsalidopsis buds. Maybe they'll bloom by Easter.

Appleblossom Amaryllis are not only lovely, they have a sweet
fragrance, rare in hippeastrums. Benfica has another bud about to open.
The tall Appleblossom is in its third year of bloom. Three of the others
are new this year and I forget whether the one in bud is Appleblossom
or maybe another color, from a previous year.

Angel Wing Begonias. Several cuttings in a pot make a big show.



debsgarden said...

You have some great plants in your greenhouse. I have never seen Mistletoe Cactus Rhipsalis. Those blooms are intriguing! I was introduced to Persian Shield by my son, who gave it to me one year for Mother's Day. I have loved it ever since.

Mystic Dreamer said...

Nice blooms. Have a great weekend!

Rock rose said...

How wonderful that your orchid is blooming again. I saved two from last year but there is no sign of activity yet. WHat kind of condition to you provide for it during its non bloom phase? And the Easter cactus. Do you know the latin name of this one? I love it. I have an Easter cactus but it is completely different from yours. Lovely looms in your March garden-in or out.

Les said...

Your post has me longing for bearded iris, but I will have to wait a month or so.

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