March 26, 2014

March Winds and Daffodils

Remember in elementary school when we memorized Christina Rossetti's little poem about the wind?

It wasn't just the leaves trembling yesterday when I heard a noise and looked to see a gust of wind take out the greenhouse doors that I thought were well secured? Not only the doors but a roof panel and an end panel went to the ground.

There are no pictures to show. I don't have time to make pictures when we old people are struggling to get everything back together.  Everything is back in place, no real damage. Doors need new rollers.

What I do have to show is late Daffodils: Hillstar, a beautiful jonquilla.

A double with no name, not in a place where
I planted doubles before.



Hawera, en masse

He-Who-Mows, sweeping up debris and pine cones. 

Last of Tulips with newly blooming Daffodils.

Daffodils tend to be late the first year planted. Alyssum blooming.
Tulips will not make a significant appearance next year, if at all.
Daffodils will remain, on a slight slope with good drainage and sun.
There's no real interest in the greenhouse worth a peek right now that you haven't seen before. If the cold wind EVER stops and temperatures go to normal for end of March, plants will start moving out-of-doors. Easter Cactus is in bud and may bloom timely.  
Funny thing, earlier yesterday, we laid out an 8 x 10' space for a greenhouse add-on to the tool shed. My plan is to use storm windows that we took off the house to make a second greenhouse, unheated, for cool season plants like Gerbera Daisies to spend the winter protected from frost. He-Who-Mows estimated that the cost of another polycarbonate greenhouse like the present one would be much less than the materials to complete a home-built of a smaller size even with windows we already have.
Less picturesque, the kit, but probably the better plan as far as cost. The work will take about the same length of time.  For a while there when the wind gusts were so bad, I wondered if we'd be putting up 2 greenhouses, one to replace the one that was about to blow away.  We're already discussing measures needed to diminish wind damage.


Alison said...

Oh, what a bummer about your greenhouse. Glad you got it back together. I can relate to "the old people struggling" comment. I've been gardening a lot lately and don't remember feeling quite this achey after a winter of muscle disuse.

outlawgardener said...

Sorry about your adventure with the wind tearing apart your greenhouse! Your daffodils are beautiful!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I hope you don't get anymore winds that damage the greenhouse again. It was quite windy here yesterday, so much that I couldn't go out and garden. I was afraid of something blowing in my eye, plus, I wouldn't have been able to manage the work that I wanted to do.

You daffodils are a cheerful sight!

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