March 30, 2014

Moving Out

Spring is here. It's time to move big pots out of the greenhouse. Epiphyllum oxypetalum -- I have six pots -- and mixed pots of Spider Plants, Foxtail Fern and Waxleaf Begonias needed to go outside despite the offhand chance that they might have to come back for a night or two if late frost threatens.

Buffy helped load the little truck with pots of Begonias and friends.

I threw in a couple of Cane begonias for color to get them out of the way.

Some fine tuning and transplanting yet to do, but they are
safely in place under a big Red Cedar in semi shade.
I am contemplating painting the bench. What do you think?
Moving leggy Epiphyllums in wind was tricker. One bot flew off the
tailgate that I left open during loading. Two long branches had to be
secured with a bungee cord. I finally got them all in.

One of the pest control crew rode along.

Epis spend summers on a rough bench with an old headboard for support,
leaning among Philadelphus and Gardenia that shade from late evening sun.
Only two stems broke; they'll root for more plants needing homes.
I look forward to the first buds signaling big summer blossoms.

Now to find places to plant out rooted cuttings including Purple Heart.
It lives up to the name T. pallida in shade, becomes bright purple in sun.
According to Yang, Pennisi, Son and Kays, T. pallida has been judged exceptionally effective at improving indoor air quality by filtering out volatile organic compounds, a class of common pollutants and respiratory irritants. Maybe I'll just more the yellow pots into the house.

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