March 31, 2014

Too Old for Easter Eggs, I Collect Flower Pots

Now that Epis and Begonias have evacuated the greenhouse, there is room but is there ROOM? I set some plants out on Ike's little porch: parsley, a trio of Porterweed seedlings and some chartreuse Alternanthera.

The rainbow of pots is a temporary notion. Schlumbergeras to the right must move outside soon into a shadier location where they thrived last summer.

Purple Heart Cuttings -- can there be too many?

There's no sign of regrowth on White Shrimp in the garden.
Glad I have these few.

My old Bromeliads are dying. Half a dozen pups are potted up separately. They need brighter light to turn pink. I took out the Neoregelia in the top of the grapevine ball. It never flourished in that medium, nor did the Schlumbergeras which seem to prefer a pot of soil of their own..  Pineapple sages in tin cans are ready to plant out. I found one plant from last year with new growth.

Firecracker finally blooming.

This pitiful piece of Persian Shield dried up and died but it still bloomed.

So why did I leave the Christmas lights up? It was a real effort for an old woman to climb up there and get them in place. I decided to just leave them. They look swell at night even when it isn't Christmas. FYI, climbing up isn't a big deal. Getting back down takes coordination.

It's all fun but I do have to stop unnecessary climbing.. 


outlawgardener said...

Your rainbow pots are lovely and the Christmas lights are fun no matter what time of year it is so party on!

Alison said...

Love the Christmas lights, you should definitely just leave them up. I can understand the awkwardness of getting down off a stepladder. Love the rainbow of pots too.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for leaving the Christmas lights in place. Last year I purchased, for the very first time, a string of those icicle lights. Hated taking them down.

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