March 09, 2014

Sunday Best in the Greenhouse

We're having a warm spell during which I need to haul everything out and do some cleaning one day soon.

Kalanchoes are blooming and blooming and blooming.
Easily rooted, they bloom most of the winter.
Should I get other colors?

Burro Tail sedum. Every little bean that breaks off will
make a new plant. It takes time, faster with a longer piece.

Purple Heart Setcreasea and Persian Shield/Strobilanthes.
Both are starting to bloom.

I think this is a red and white 
Amaryllis, maybe Minerva. 

Various stages of bloom. Fun. 
Mostly Appleblossom, the unopened tight buds.

Another view of Appleblossom. When I'm in the greenhouse, what a treat to catch a whiff of the sweet fragrance of Appleblossom, a good reason for having several and timing the blooms to open in sequence. (You don't really think I planned that, do you?) New bulbs are blooming later than the one from a previous year because they were planted late, but it is a thought, to start them 2 or 3 weeks apart.

Are your forced bulbs all done? Do you have plans for forced bulbs next year?


outlawgardener said...

You have so much going on in your greenhouse and all of your plants look so healthy and happy! Such gorgeous flowers! (Is it in poor taste to compliment a lady on her bloomers?)

I'm not very good at remembering to force bulbs although this fall, I got some paperwhite bulbs on sale. Just found them in the trunk of my car. Surprisingly, even after our freezes, they're sending up some growth. Maybe I should bring them in and throw them in some soil? After reading your post about hyacinths, I brought home a potted one from the grocery store just to enjoy that wonderful fragrance.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I'm filled with such guilt at how well kept your greenhouse is.

Jean Campbell said...

At this point, I would just stick the paperwhites in the ground somewhere. They'll likely bloom there. They could send up blooms in subsequent years but they're less dependable than the hyacinth, which you can also stick in the yard when the florets fade. Snip off the flowers and leave the green stem. It makes chlorophyll, too.

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