April 29, 2014

Stormy Weather

The weather radio alarmed after 3am, warning of a tornado watch. I let the dog out before the rain which was not far off. By good daylight there were severe thunderstorms.

I went out when the rain let up to see if jungle cacti were still secure on their summer patio. The blossoms mostly are gone off the Easter Cactus in the green pot but the large one in the left bottom corner is intact. 

I checked my rain gauge which collected an Inch or water.

Yesterday before the rain I planted out 23 Chartreuse Alternanthera. I did not plant the 3 Porterweeds nor the Joseph's Coat Alternanthera that will go with them.

I meant to directly plant marigold seeds between tomato plants which are now clean of Toadflax and Poppies. I did get irrigation drip pipes into place and gave tomatoes a drink yesterday before they totally wilted. This inch of rainfall and all that nitrogen in the air should give them a boost.

Activity in the greenhouse is almost nil except for assuring that nothing gets too dry. I am eager for this cycad seedling to get big enough to go in a square pot.

 I repotted a burro's tail and some Graptopetalum together. I don't think I like it. The pebble trays are cleaned and replenished for giving humidity this fall. I haven't decided what to do with the Tillandsia on the right. The original plant produced 3 pups and I have not divided them. They take up less room as a unit. Maybe just a bigger pot? I think they're usually found as singles because it's more lucrative to sell three instead of one group. I think they're okay to grow in a crowd.

While there is little planting going in here, there's plenty of  activity. 

April 21, 2014

April Peek into the Greenhouse

Alison reminded us that it is time to look in the greenhouse again. Hers looks swell. She has seedlings of all kinds and even a blooming Brugmansia. Here's mine:

I washed the outside last week before the rains came.
What looks like a pile of rubble to the left is the new Urbanite and brick patio.

Evacuation started here when I thought cold weather was over. Some of the plants I moved out shivered for a night or two, but nobody froze. Epiphyllums are on a bench under the cedar tree behind gardenias and things, ready for warm nights so they can bloom.

Tomato plants got to stay inside a little longer because of the
cold rain. What looks like yellow leaves at the bottom are labels.

I haven't decided where Bromeliads are going to summer. Red Begonias and Alternanthera can go with them, or somewhere else. The rest of Begonias are already outside in shade.

My Easter tableau looked more like Christmas, but that's an
Easter Cactus. Rhapsalidopsis.

Here's where Rhapsalidopsis and Schlumbergera are summering.  

 Urbanite and Brick Patio. Surely you didn't think I was going to sit out there in the summer? Jungle cactuses summer in this same space last year on this same table. Now there's more room and I won't have to walk through weeds.

A closer look at brick seams between the broken concrete.

Another, bigger  Easter Cactus at back left. All tiny pots of 
Schlumbergera cuttings have been bumped up to the size that fits into cache pots. They are of cache pots for summer so they can easily drain after a rain. 

Waiting for summer homes in the ground are Pineapple Sage, Porterweed, Chartreuse Alternanthera and others.

 Propagation is an on-going process here.
Every little succulent leaf that falls gets to start life 
as a new plant. Every broken piece of something
goes into a pot to root, which is why I have too
many Epiphyllums and more.

If you haven't a greenhouse, then you must have a bright window or a grow light somewhere. Orchids are blooming in an east window here. What's blooming at your place?


April 14, 2014

April Bloom Day

The big show of daffodils is over. Azaleas are done for another year. We have moved into full blown green and the weather is delightful.

Great wads of Philadelphus are blooming,
prolonging the 'dogwood' season.
Butterflies are out and mostly too quick for photos.
This Giant kindly posed.

'Snowball' Viburnum

Snowball Viburnum and Baptisia alba. Baptisia is not quite open.

Auricula eyed Sweet William Dianthus

Pure white Sweet William Dianthus

Bath's Pink Dianthus. 
Toadflax, Poppies and second growth Cabbages

Poppies are not as plentiful this year, but those blooming are wonderful. The first Corn Poppy bloomed today, no pic of it.

California Poppies, well placed here. Blooming with Amaryllis

"Exotica" Amaryllis -- worth the wait.

My Petunia patch from last year has not returned.
One Laura Bush Petunia, blooming with Sedum Acre.
Irises and Roses are blooming. I didn't make pics of blue Louisiana Iris and the pretty German Iris white with yellow falls and orange beard from Janie V. KnockOut Roses are a knockout. Reine des Violettes and the little sweetheart rose Cecilie Brunner are in bloom.
Happy Bloom Day.

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