May 21, 2014

A Peek into the Hot and Humid Greenhouse

It's 87 degrees outside and 97º in the greenhouse with exhaust fan on and water mist. Some things will seek shade soon or at least a cooler sunny spot.

Gerbera Daisy and Alyssum in a rusty well bucket outside the door.

No plants in the NE corner, just pots and some little crates I wanted to keep out of the mist water.

More pots in the SE corner and my little red trolley.

The sensor changed from temp to humidity before the shutter clicked.
67% humidity, and 94 degrees earlier today, 97º now.

Looking toward the SW corner,  burro's tails, a small mistletoe cactus cutting, a tomato plant rooted from a cutting from the axil of a larger plant, graptopetalum and a seedling Pentas.

Pentas plant came up in the floor, 
then a second and now I found another.
I failed to take cuttings last summer. Somebody is looking out for butterflies.

Rose campion in the floor.
I think these seeds fell out of the trash.

Deliberate seeds are harder to coax into growth. 
I plant in regular potting soil and sprinkle a seed mix over the top.
I put seedling trays and plants I am trying to root on the floor 
where it is cooler and the mist drips on them. 

The blue flower is a Hydrangea serrata that 
got broken when we were working around it.

The tiniest pieces get to try to grow into a plant.

Things like twine, sulfur, rooting powder and other
things I want to keep dry are in ice cream buckets.

NW corner has a number of things that wanted to stay in
a little longer, shaded with a plastic party tablecloth.
Purple Heart can be planted out, begonias are optional to stay in pots.

Mistletoe cactus may move out with the other jungle cacti,
tillandsia can join bromeliads already outside. 
I don't know what I'll do with the birds' nest fern and the staghorn opposite.

Items sold as 'greenhouse' notions are
pricey. Paper clips hold as tightly as
something labeled for GH use.

Near dark, I plugged in the lights to see if they still work.


Alison said...

Thanks for the peek inside your greenhouse. I love your little red cart. I bet some day I'll have seeds growing in the floor of mine too.

Autumn Belle said...

In tropical equatorial Malaysia, we hang the bird nest ferns and staghorns on tree branches. When you come here, just look up an old tree and you see plenty of them among the branches. They are like accessories and adornments for our trees.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I was once watching a documentary (or something to that effect) where when they were attempting to germinate seeds it looked like they put them in a sort of steamy oven....perhaps the greenhouse is perfect for this? I don't know...

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