May 12, 2014

Another Look in Greenhouse and Out

Last week I mentioned that Bromeliads outside might have to move to shade.

 Evidence of too much sun is the light spot on the left. Evidence of enough water is the little critter in the cup. Tiny frogs inside and out of the greenhouse love those little cool spots to camp. Broms are behind the greenhouse for now.

Inside, the seed-grown cycad has a new frond. It unfurled yesterday. One of the outdoor cycads has new growth. The others are waiting.

The stacked red pots hold my single Agapanthus seedling, now about 4 inches tall. To its left is a repotted Tillandsia, actually 3 plants that grew around the old plant from last year. I think they make a better show in a single pot and saves so much space. I checked with experts -- they're happy enough to hang out together.

I shoved the bird's nest fern under the shelf months ago because it wasn't really happy in the house. I kind of forgot about it, except for occasional water directed under there. Imagine how surprised I was to pull it out and it had all this lush growth I hadn't realized. I gave it a little haircut to remove old, ratty fronds which were all I'd really been noticing under there.

I may leave it there if it can tolerate the light, or put it on the other side under a higher shelf. New, bigger fronds were beginning to curl back on themselves. It needs to stretch.

The west end of the greenhouse is shaded with plastic tablecloths secured with fancy paper clips from the stationery department. Last year I used thin polyester that came wrapped around new chairs. It disintegrated, as will the plastic but 2 one-dollar tablecloths are cheap enough shade. Plants remaining are grouped under the mist system for best cooling during the day.

We're seeing 90+ degree days in the greenhouse on 80+ degree days outside. When it gets really hot, more plants may have to summer outside.

Some of them might prefer to come inside to summer with me where it's cooler.


Alison said...

It's going to be tricky this week figuring out where to put my Bromeliads. I didn't realize last year that they couldn't take full sun, and burnt quite a few leaves. They've recovered from that, in fact, one of them is going to flower. I think there's an area on the north side of the greenhouse where they'll get enough shade.

Re: Your comment about unfamiliar plants -- Yes, a lot of plants that do well here in our somewhat weak summer sun and coolness are from Australia, like Grevillea and Parahebe. A lot of plants from the high forested altitudes of China also do well here in shade.

Anonymous said...

My bromeliads are in the shade but they are filled with so much trash -- leaves and pinecones -- that I wish I had better shade trees. What is that spotted, melted-looking plant in a red pot behind the begonias?

Jean Campbell said...

LOL, that spotted plant is a pair of garden gloves.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I was so impressed you still had plants in there. My greenhouse goes to 100plus degrees even with tears in it.

outlawgardener said...

You have such fun treasures in your greenhouse! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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