May 05, 2014

Busy Work: Pots and Pups

Hot weather has arrived. It's a hundred degrees in the greenhouse in late afternoon despite an exhaust fan and a  mister. Most things are outside with more to follow. I know that alternanthera can survive these temps, the purple lives in the ground year round, climbing to the rafters.

Pots were rearranged by color. Some yellow pots with purple heart seem not to mind the heat and are directly under a mist valve.

 Nothing growing is up high. If you notice empty mugs, they are for rooting cuttings in winter. I used to use them for forcing a single hyacinth bulb before I gave up bulbs in water.

The elephant mug turned up when I was looking for something else. The greenhouse becomes a place to display empty containers and seek shelter on a rainy day.

Blues and greens are summering where jungle cacti spend the winter. A couple of blooming Rhipsalidopsis cuttings moved to the shade quickly after I took this pic. When I moved them I accidentally broke off another little piece on a bigger pot which now has its own little rooting pot. 

The more plants I root, the more turn up This container of Purple Heart and Persian Shield could be put in the ground, or not. I may just pull out the Strobilanthes and let the Purple Heart grow long hanging stems for winter display. Persian Shield can always find a good spot with something brighter. I planted a rooted one this afternoon, and some pineapple sage and 6 White Shrimp cuttings that were spectacular bloomers indoors, now looking leggy and sad but they'll put out new growth and I hope they bloom again in fall. Frost will take them out. Some Shrimps outdoors have put out new growth. A few choice clumps did not return. I think all the red Shrimps have new growth. 

Remember when I told the Outlaw Gardener that he was wise not to buy a Bromeliad on sale cheap that looked like this? These have new pups. I thought they die after one set of pups -- not so. 

Neoregelia pups around a sad looking Mother plant.

This half-dozen were all pups once. They may be relegated to the infamous back side of the greenhouse because this spot gets late afternoon hot sun.

It's the time of year when the greenhouse becomes mostly a storage spot for empty pots and a refuge on a rainy day. Maybe I can find a suitable chair or two.


Alison said...

I am envious of all your Bromeliads, they're great. How cool that you are getting another set of pups. Some day maybe I'll have as many as you.

Jean Campbell said...

I started with one, Alison. It was in bloom when I bought it. Then there were two and I took off the pup thinking that was the end of the original plant, and so it goes.

Everybody I gave a hyacinth at Christmas got a bonus Graptopetalum rosette already rooted, in the pot with the hyacinth.

Ally said...

My greenhouse hit 115 last week with shade cloth and an exhaust fan. I can't believe I still have plants in there. Usually I have everything moved out by now, but I'm running behind. Surprisingly, most of the plants seem to do okay as long as I keep them well-watered.

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