May 31, 2014

Glamour Shots and Baby Photos in the Greenhouse

Sometimes when I rescue a plant because it might be 'something' it turns out something better than a weed.

Such was the case with this white Pentas plant that I rescued from the greenhouse floor while it was too tiny to be sure if it was 'something.

I'm not sure how Pentas seed got on the greenhouse floor. I tend to save seeds that never get where they're going. These went to the floor, obviously.

This one was also a rescue. Its pot doesn't show but it is sitting among Alternanthera that grows wild in the floor and beside a Guzmania Bromeliad that is making up its mind whether and when to flower. Beside the Bromeliad are Rose cuttings that I failed to label.

This third one in still growing in the floor and needs potting up so it and its sibs can be transplanted into the white garden around the greenhouse.

I pulled up Ratibida there today. The only white Lantana to survive the winter in that bed is forming buds. I finally am able to determine which of the bigger Lantana plants in the front is the white one so I can take more cuttings. They root easily -- I kill them just as easily.

Dwarf Marigolds intended for the Herb Circle have true leaves. Thyme is still tiny and every seed looks to have germinated. Zinnias for yet another purpose have sprouted half-heartedly. Lots of interesting things are sprouting in the cracks of the greenhouse floor.

I love tiny plants that come from pieces of something. Every little burro's tail bean that breaks off gets a spot somewhere to make another plant. Almost every broken Christmas Cactus leaf gets the same treatment.

In the cup at bottom right, at 12 o'clock position is a teensy bit of mistletoe cactus growing from a single tiny broken piece. It has 3 new leaves.

I don't do this from necessity. I have whole plants and can divide them into more whole plants. It's just a pleasure to watch them grow from something that would otherwise be discarded.

I looked at some photos from Chelsea Flower Show 2014. White flowers were featured in many of the gardens. Another trend was lavender and pale yellow. There was LOTS of purple.

Last year many boxwoods featured were cut into squares and rectangles. This year they're back to meatballs and round forms. I'm glad I waited.

RHS Flower of the Year is a strangely colored double Hydrangea from outer space. The Iris, 'Domino Noir' with white standards and black falls won second place. Third place went to a bright orange Gerbera. My orange Gerberas look more like the species but they are wonderful.

Irises were big as show flowers. They have a short bloom life in my garden.

And Oh! Telegraph Garden had a LAWN. Do you think lawns coming back?

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