May 19, 2014

Goodbye, Lygodium japonicum

Last year a tiny fern appeared in a pot with another plant in the greenhouse. I let it grow, given my penchant for seeing if a seedling is indeed 'something' or just another weed.

Here it is, the end of June, 2013. The fern came up in the pot with a cutting of Persian Shield that I rooted. Can't imagine where the spore came from, perhaps it rode along with something that I bought. I planted them out together.

Persian Shield died back to roots. The fern just kind of hung on. I never noticed any spores.

Here it is today. The fern is growing like crazy, Persian Shield has just emerged from its roots. I looked up the fern: Lygodium japonicum. Invasive in southern Deep South states. It tends to grow in pine forests and make 'fire ladders' to the tops of trees that cause damage to trees than can stand controlled burns if treetops are not involved.

Plant Delights sells it. He suggests cutting it to the ground in November before spores form and letting it come back. You KNOW that I will forget that tiny task.

Goodbye, invasive plant.


Alison said...

Glad to hear you pulled it out. I'm not in favor of rampant spreaders.

The Diva said...

How interesting. I've never grown that fern, and I won't. Love Persian shield, but it doesn't come back here. ~~Dee

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

For a minute there, I thought you meant Persian shield was invasive. I was thinking there were worse invasive plants but now I realize you meant the fern. The Persian that you have is one of my favorites of yours.

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