May 10, 2014

Knowing When to Water

The only house plants I have indoors are a Spathephyllum, a Pothos and 3 Orchids. When the Peace Lily starts to droop I water them all. I take them outside and let water run through the pots and drain before bringing them in again.

The only Orchid that I don't water outside is the one in a tall glass cylinder. Once in a while I take it outside, flood the pebbles in the bottom with water and then turn it on its side and let the water run out.

Last year's bloom.

I keep thinking about taking it out of the glass container and repotting in a regular orchid pot in orchid medium. I wonder if after all these years of confinement it might die of shock? Or would it take hold and start to grow?


outlawgardener said...

I like your peace lily watering alarm idea! They wilt dramatically enough to tell you it's time. Perfect!

Jean Campbell said...

Hey! It's time all these plants started earning their keep. Even the dog and cat have chores.

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