May 02, 2014

First of May Report

Porterweeds went to Fiesta Bed today, one with a bloom.
Persian Shield has not a home as yet. It goes well with 
bright summer flowers in strong tones.

Agreeing with Alison that Graptopetalum was not a suitable companion for burro tail sedum, I took out the Ghost plant and put more burro tail from that little hanging pot in with it. It looked a lot bigger out of the tiny pot. I hated the extra-long piece so I broke it in half and stuck the cut end in the soil to root. I didn't make another pic but it looks better solo like the other pot. I thought about some of that mistletoe cactus with burro tail but decided they should all have own pots.

 As if I didn't have enough Epiphyllums, I rooted a piece last fall. It has some pretty green leaves. Some of the old ones outside look kind of rough. I cut off the very worst growth but left some shabby leaves that sometimes will throw buds better than the pretty green ones. The old bromeliads on the bottom shelf are growing pips again. None of the young ones are included to bloom yet. Most have a little green frog living in the cup.

Most everything is planted now: Porterweeds and Pineapple Sage in the Fiesta bed. Remaining is red Alternanthera. It will mostly join Brugmansias in the Upper Garden. Eventually everything will find a home outside except the purple alternanthera growing in the greenhouse floor.

I think this is Minerva, blooming in the ground. There is another potted amaryllis in the greenhouse that suddenly put up a bud after I moved them outside, so I put it back inside. It is a small bulb, either an offset or a seedling. I think an offset.

I have mixed feelings about Amaryllis. This is the time of year they bloom outside, a good time for extra blossoms when the big show of Spring is over. On the other hand, I like having them bloom in pots all through the worst of Winter. What do you think?


Alison said...

Oh Joy! I would love to have a little green frog living in each of my Bromeliad cups, that must be the cutest thing ever. You are the Epiphyllum queen.

Linda said...


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