June 16, 2014

Amaryllis in Pots Are an Inexact Science Here: Nymph

I thought I treated all my second and third year Amaryllis bulbs in Pots the same late last summer when I dried them off to prepare for winter bloom.

Nymph, June 16, 2014

Nymph, unlike the others who eventually put up a bud stalk or two or even three, grew a great flush of leaves and no buds.

As the others finished blooming and the bloom stalk withered, I put the pots out in the edge of the shrubbery that fronts the secret garden where Epiphytes spend the summer. Blossom-less Nymph moved out too.

 Imagine my surprise when a stalk suddenly appeared mid-June with two buds.

I'm glad to see Amaryllis blooms any time. They do not usually bloom in summer. Those in the ground bloom in May, those in pots during winter and spring if they are planned.

Nymph blooms when it is ready. Here, blooming as a newly 
purchased bulb in January, 2013.

I am thrilled to see them at any time.
I brought it into the house to enjoy every time we go in and out.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun to have such a surprise in your garden. I think amaryllis have such gorgeous blooms. You are lucky to have them year round. My daughter used to live by a lady that had an amaryllis patch she planted each summer. They were red as blazes and such a pretty sight when they went to blooming.

Lisa at Greenbow said...
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