June 07, 2014

Herb Circle Update

When the plants get going, one cool cloudy day I'll straighten the dividers that form the sectors and take away the extra pieces of brick.

The center piece is a part from an old planter that I found
in the dirt. It is held by a large bolt from a light pole with
an old brown insulator on top. The grapevine ball was lying
around where I twisted grapevines together when I pruned. 

When I considered the heat and the amount of work to make a near-perfect wheel first I settled for getting plants growing (at the wrong time of year) instead of making a photo-worthy base with no herbs.

So far there are dwarf marigold transplants that I grew from seed a few weeks back and a clump of Lemon Grass Cymbopogon citratus that wintered in the greenhouse. Lemon Grass is slow to return from roots this year outside. Out of sight in the far left section are three Parsley plants deciding whether to live in the heat or not. They would prefer shade, I think.

Waiting on the greenhouse porch are bits of Rosemay. The larger Rosemary that I transplanted has already died. Two pots of Oregano divisions are promising. Small pots of Thyme from seed await enough roots to safely transplant. The bits of brown in the pots are aged juniper needles the storm blew off last night.

More Thyme seedlings. How many puns about having Thyme
for the garden could you stand?

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Bernie H said...

I would welcome the puns anythyme!

I rather like the look of your herb circle with its not-so-perfect arrangement of bricks. It all adds to the charm, I think.

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