June 14, 2014

Orchids for Bloom Day

Nothing is blooming in the greenhouse. Gradually everything is either planted out or summering in shade. I always include the orchids with the greenhouse posts. They live in the house in an east window as greenhouse-like an environment as I can provide that has controlled temperature.

When the Peace Lily wilts I water it, a Pothos that also lives inside and the orchids. It's a good plan.

When I watered on Friday I got the notion to repot the orchids, including the little orchid that lived in a glass cyclinder, here for several years with one episode of rebloom in all that time.

In their new orchid pots. The cream color one bloomed early April. The white one bloomed mid-March. Orchid blooms last for months. Notice the tiny new leaf in the center pot. I hope the others will feel up to sprouting a new leaf, too.

I first repotted the two bigger Phals that were in plastic cups inside a 3" ceramic pot. I didn't make photos of the process: plain 5" orchid pots, fir bark, careful of the roots. The only re-potting I've ever done was to take the cream color one out of its pot last year and give it some additional fir bark to help anchor it. It naturally wants to lean to one side.

Then I tackled the Dendrobium in the glass cyclinder. The photo is from last year when it bloomed. It sat here for years without growing. I had no idea what went on under the moss and the rocks that were its home. It lost one leaf and put on one. I felt it needed a chance at new growth.

I used one of the plastic orchid cups and the cache pot also with a drainage hole that one of the other orchids was formerly in. The tiny cup on the right is what held the little orchid, buried in about two cups of fine gravel, topped with some kind of green moss that was supposed to signal when the orchid needed water. There was a gloppy mess around what must have once been a root mass.

I gave it my best try. There were some bright green roots in the gravel. I hope they will be comfortable in fir bark. 

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

My orchids are pouting. They had done so well before I repotted them. This would be for the second time. I don't know what change they didn't like but they are in a major pout. Yours on the other hand look quite beautiful. Happy GBBD.

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