June 08, 2014

Waiting for Calla Lilies and White Echinacea

A couple weeks ago I wrote about buying Zantedeschia Hybrids bulbs. A third of them have sprouts. I hope the others are forming roots before they send up leaves. The pots are full of juniper needles from the recent storm.


I wonder if I'll see all these colors?

I showed you last month the rusty well bucket. Alyssum and a Gerbera Daisy are growing, notice on the right. In front of the bucket is a white Echinacea that Susie gave me last year. That one blossom is lasting. When I can bring myself to deadhead it, it should have a profusion of bloom.

I like the contrast between the coarse bloom of the coneflower and the tiny blossoms of Alyssum. When the white Gerbera seedling blooms there will be 2 kinds of daisies.

I am trying for a succession of white flowers around the greenhouse. A half dozen Gardenia cuttings on the north side have thrived but too small for bloom except for one brave bud on the end. White Iris early on had a rogue purple. I liked that.

One white Lantana survived on the south. I will take cuttings from the Front garden Lantana that finally bloomed enough that I can identify which is white. Gerberas on the South side tend to want to bloom in color where I tried for all white daisies.
I guess I could add Shasta Daisies.


Bernie H said...

How exciting to see all those Calla sprouts! I can't wait to see which colours you do get.

Love the old rusty bucket with the Alyssum and the Gerbera. White flowers are just the best. Shasta Daisies would be fantastic around your greenhouse.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The other day I mentioned calla lilies...when I went out they had already bloomed ...:( Can't wait to see yours

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