June 27, 2014

When the Greenhouse Gets too Hot for Growing

We are very near to the time when nothing much can survive in the greenhouse except maybe Alternanthera dentata Rubiginosa.

Last year I just let it grow and cut it back in late Summer when it was time to bring in plants.

A few cuttings on the floor under mist. 

Temperatures in the greenhouse generally are 10 degrees hotter than the outside with a vent fan and mist trying to cool it. Plants on the floor have a better chance.

 Neoreglia pups freed from the mother plants.

I was trying to decide if I should try to save the mother plants and then I remembered how much space they take up when winter comes. Surely I can make do with 14 young Bromeliads. These six have brightened up in dappled shade under a fig tree.

Three Gerbera seedlings and some 
Mistletoe Cactus that broke off and needs rooting.

Thyme extras, seedlings.

 Peeks at the planted Herb Circle. Lemon Grass, Marigolds, Thyme, Parsley, Garlic Chives and Oregano. Dwarf Marigolds?

The patio table got a faux zinc finish on the rusty top. 

White Echinacea outside the greeenhouse.

Some Calla Lilies got a bigger pot.
They all need bigger quarters.

Cycad seedling has two new fronds, photo bombed by a Rhipsalidopsis
In the background are some rusty plow parts I dug up.

Joining the Meme at Tootsie's Friday Flaunt.


outlawgardener said...

You are one busy gardener! The zinc finish on the rusty table looks great! How did you do it? The circle bed is coming along nicely!

Jean Campbell said...

Thanks, Peter. I just messed around with a coat of primer and dabbed sprays of Granite color Rustoleum.

I thought about some of that dabbling with spritzes of water and some brighter paint but hot weather got the best of me. The table legs need to be dark too now that I saw Tootsie's patio set that went from white to dark.

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