July 18, 2014

Brugmansias just Get Better and Better

I decided this one is so big and lush because it is in a southwest-facing corner and was more protected than the the others.

The light was different when I faced a different direction. 

More buds open each night.

These two away from the house are slower to get going.

The Brugs out in the Upper Garden are all short and slow to bloom. 

I noticed two blooms on Duranta today. One of the plants has tiny stunted leaves and needs to be cut back and allowed to recover from whatever stunted it. Two of the cuttings I took have rooted, 2 of 3 isn't bad. I would like to have them blooming indoors this winter and put them out for an early start in the spring. 

White Lantana rooted; 75% of the cuttings that I took. Earlier cuttings that I planted out have not grown much nor started to bloom. 

I was wondering what I could plant with Gulf Muhly Grass to bloom with it in the fall, something that looks better with pink Muhly than the Tithonia that clashed so beautifully last year. A clump of lavender Lantana crawled over to the Muhly from where it grew last year in the center of the bed. All the center died out and this one big piece just cozied up with the Muhly Grass. I didn't make a pic. 

There are some huge Graptopetalums in the Greenhouse. I need to think of a good use for their pretty rosettes, the only succulent that I grow except for Burro's Tail Sedum. Oh, and Kalanchoe. There is an abundance of them, also easily rooted.

I'm already thinking about where everything will fit this winter. I put a rooted Tomato sucker in a large nursery pot. It grew straight up. It takes a full gallon of water to water it. Many of the tiny rooted pieces may have to bunk in together in a single pot. 

Ike the Cat ate one of my greenhouse lizards today. Ike is kind of vicious sometimes.   

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

They are magnificent...Perhaps something purple for the muhly grass?

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