July 25, 2014

Death and Destruction on the Patio

Remember the cycad I grew from a seed? I was so proud of it.

It is no more.

Something, and I am blaming a squirrel because they are abundant and destructive, pulled it from the container, broke or bit off the leaves and tossed them under a tree. 

I couldn't find the seed pod that was still attached, nor the roots. I guess squirrel ate them. I hope he didn't develop a taste for cycad and doesn't start digging up the bigger cycads.

I had great plans for this little plant. When it grew up it was going to sit in a bed of Sedum acre in the summer. I pinned a picture of how it would look, just like the big Cycad in Martha's Garden sitting in a bed of succulents.


I'll put a Guzmania in the square pot. 


mr_subjunctive said...

Pretty sure Cycas species are toxic, so if it did eat the seed pod or something, it probably won't be coming back to eat any more of them.

That's too bad anyway, though. I know it can be extra-painful to lose plants you've grown from seed.

Alison said...

Oh, I can commiserate. Raccoons destroy a lot here, and I too have squirrels that dig in some of my seedling containers. That baby Cycad was something special, and you were so proud of it.

Jean Campbell said...

Squirrels are probably immune, the little rodents.

My big Cycad has a 'nest' that will be full of seeds if it follows through like last time. I can start over, just 3 years behind. This time I do know more than when I started.

It's all about doing and growing and learning even at my age.

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