July 17, 2014

Tagetes and other Unfamiliar Names

Tagetes -- it sounds more like a disease than a flower. I was thinking about botanical names today and remembered that most of us say Marigolds referring to French or African Marigolds. Then there are the Pot Marigolds, Calendulas.

My only Tagetes bloom. Four went in an open space in the Yellow Rose Bed. This is the first bloom. I was, of course, hoping for yellow from a packet of mixed colors.

I planted 4 or 5 in the Herb Wheel, where Petite Marigolds grew to gigantic size in rich soil and so far have one bud in the lot. The Herb Wheel has not been an overwhelming success. Oregano and Parsley are hanging on. I have potted seedlings of common Thyme and Rosemary cuttings for replanting in a better season.

Later on, I'll plant Calendulas for the first time in years. Pot Marigolds.

When I plant Calendulas, I also plan to have Tropaeolum majus. Nasturtiums. Like Calendulas, Nasturtiums are cool season plants here.

Can you tell I've been drooling over the  book Annuals with Style again? I love their photos and descriptions but when to plant as given in the book has nothing to do with gardening in the hot and humid Coastal South.

They use many flowers as annuals that are perennial in my garden: Cannas, Lantana, Sweet Alyssum.

I love this line: "If garden Zinnias were only harder to grow, they would be much more fashionable."

The book was not furnished to me for review. I bought it.


Alison said...

And here Calendula and Nasturtiums are high summer bloomers. I sowed a bunch of both this spring, the Nasturtiums have been blooming for a while, but the Calendulas are just starting.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Annuals with Style...never heard of it...but I know I will own it very soon...

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Just bought it...

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