July 03, 2014

Thursday Throwback: Tillandsia cyanea

Tiny Tillandsia cyanea in a 3" pot, Early December, 2012

May, 2013 after the bloom bract died, tiny plants commenced to form among the leaves, unlike some bromeliads that have pups around the base next the root.

Eventual repotting gave the growing plants room. In the interest of conserving greenhouse space I left all four in a single pot after I read that was okay.

Early June, I moved them out under trees. Yesterday I was wondering if they were happy there. I looked closer and discovered a sure sign of happy, happy.

 Three of the plants have bracts forming.

Pink bracts have blue-purple blooms when they reach maturity.

 If this is an ideal spot, then of course I moved the Guzmania out there, too.

No sign of a bract here. 

Maybe I should bring Neoregelias over here, too.

The long container of Persian Shield and Purple Heart kept blowing over so they are moving elsewhere to plant in shady soil where they should be happier too.

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